Valentines Day Menu

Join us at Bandung Cafe

February 14th for Valentines Day.
Enjoy fine food and wine, with your special someone. 

Only $65 pp for a 3 course menu including
a Valentine’s cocktail 

Table reservations are available for 6pm and 8pm.

See our delicious menu options below.

Entree (Select one)


2 Te Kouma Oysters

Natural with fresh ginger, chilli, sesame oil & soy dipping sauce
OR tempura battered served with sambal mayonnaise. (gfo)
Extra Oysters- 2 for $10

Spiced Lamb ribs

With a sweet soy and fresh chilli dipping sauce.
4 Piece


Sate Ayam Jawa

Grilled Chicken skewers served with our Bandung peanut sauce. (gfo)


Beef ragu and potato crumbed and fried.

4 Piece Sate Tempeh Solo

Marinated tempeh skewers with palm sugar, lime leaf and
coriander. (Vegan)


Main (Select one)

Fish of the Day

Grilled fresh fish with sambal matah served with a seasonal salad &
steamed rice or dutch fries. (gfo)

Bebeke ala Betutu

Roasted duck breast with a turmeric and lemon leaf sauce, served
with Bandung slaw & steamed rice.

Rendang Padang

Traditional Indonesian dry curry of beef slow cooked in spices served
with steamed rice.

Gulai Nungka

Jackfruit & tofu spiced curry broth served with steamed rice. (Vegan)



Dessert (Select one)

Pisang goreng

Battered fried bananas served with Kapiti Vanilla Bean ice cream. (gfo)

Warm Chocolate Brownie

Served with Kapiti Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Black rice

Coconut, mango & palm sugar. (Vegan/ gfo)