Welcome to Bandung

Level 3 Hours

Mon-Sun, Coffee & Cabinet Food 8am - 3pm

Mon-Sun, Lunch Menu 11:30am-2pm
Tues-Sun, Dinner 5pm-8pm


Pickup or free delivery for lunch & dinner
within 5km radius. 10k radius delivery $10

*Minimum order of $35 for Free Delivery.

Bandung Breakfast Parnell
Mie goreng at Bandung, Parnell.


Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

Welcome to Bandung Cafe in Parnell. Our cafe is inspired by mothers' kitchens, tiny warungs in Bali and Java with their offerings of freshly made, delicious street food snacks, and the feeling I'd get every time I stepped into Bandung.


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Book your next function at Bandung Cafe.

Small or large gatherings, our outdoor area and cafe is the perfect space for entertaining and birthday parties.